Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution | Bylaws

The Chair is appointed by the President for a term of one year. The Chair may appoint additional committee members.

1.  Charge

  • The committee shall serve as a resource for the Association and members on question relating to the NOCALL Constitution, Bylaws and/or of parliamentary procedure.  The committee shall, as requested by the Executive Board, President, or the membership, or on its own initiative, study problems concerning the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws; interpret Constitution and/or Bylaw questions; and draft proposed amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws to implement solution to problems.

2.  Duties

  • Receive suggested changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws from the Executive Board or general membership.
  • Prepare suggested Constitution and/or Bylaws amendments for consideration by the Executive Board.
  • Send proposed Constitution and/or Bylaws amendments to the AALL Bylaw Chair for approval.
  • Inform the general membership of proposed Constitution and/or Bylaws amendments.  Inform the membership of the date of the meeting when voting will be held.  Notice to be given via the newsletter, program mailings and/or a separate mailing.  Coordinate notification with the newsletter Editor and the Executive Board.
  • Present proposed Constitution and/or Bylaws amendments to the membership for adoption.  Conduct the vote on the proposed amendment(s) at the scheduled meeting.  In the absence of committee members, the President shall present the proposed amendment(s) and conduct the vote.
  • Send copies of all Constitution and/or Bylaws amendments adopted to the Archivist, the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and the AALL Bylaws Committee.
  • Verify as correct all published texts of the Constitution and Bylaws.

3.  Calendar

  • Incorporate amendments into the Constitution and/or Bylaws after their adoption and send the revised version to the Membership Chair to publish in the membership directory.
  • Prepare semi-annual and annual committee reports and submit to the President.

Archived Constitutions