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If you or your employer need to have a position posted on the NOCALL list-serv or website, send your position announcement via email, with the position announcement formatted directly in the email or as a Word attachment, to the Placement Committee, at

Why I Became a Law Librarian:

I consulted with a career counselor who identified librarianship as something that would suit me.

Ramona Collins UC Berkeley, School of Law

I feel like law librarianship chose me!  When I moved to San Francisco to attend college, I got a part-time position at the Bank of America Legal Department Library. I was lucky to work under Laurie Flynn and Trish McCurdy who introduced me to the world of law libraries and NOCALL.

Diane Rodriguez San Francisco Law Library

I love being a law librarian because it exposes me to the latest in information technology and the world of legal practice.

David Holt UC Davis - School of Law

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