September-October  2017

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  • President’s Message
  • Musings from Mark
  • Professional Reading in Review
  • Remembering Debbie Maglione
  • Funding Research Opportunities Grant (FROG) Update
  • Ereader  Librarian’s Digital Book Review
  • Welcome to My New Normal: Living and Breathing (and Sometimes Dreaming About) Legal Tech
  • Spotlight on... David Holt
  • Lingua Latina pro Biblio thecariis Legis !

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Mary Pinard Johnson, Sacramento County Public Law Library


Committee Members:
Jourdan Corbitt, LAC Group
Julie Horst, Ninth Circuit Library
Nora Levine
Sarah Lin, Reed Smith
Mark Mackler
Ramona Martinez, Berkeley Law Library
Elisabeth McKechnie, U.C. Davis Law Library
Delia Montesinos

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