The newsletter editor is appointed by the President for a term of one year.  The Editor appoints additional members as needed.  Five issues of the NOCALL News are published per membership year in September/October, November/December, January/ February, March/April, May/June. Deadlines will be

1.  Charge.

  • To coordinate the production and distribution of the Association newsletter.

2.  Duties.

  • Design, edit and distribute the newsletter.
  • Coordinate and maintain communication with all committee chairs and the Executive Board for the solicitation and receipt of news for inclusion in the newsletter.
  • Create and establish policies for the protection of NOCALL regarding the publications and opinions put forth by the various authors included in the newsletter.
  • Maintain, distribute and review annually the guidelines for article submission.
  • Be cognizant of all copyrights laws regarding liability and infringement issues.
  • Draft all correspondence relating to the newsletter including but not limited to reprint permission, copyright infringement, etc.
  • Attend Council of Chapter Newsletter Editors meetings at the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • Obtain the approval of the members of the Executive Board before making changes that may affect the financial status of NOCALL.