Daily Journal Update

NOCALL members have contributed to the “NOCALL Update,” which appeared in the San Francisco Daily Journal.

San Francisco Daily Journal article archive:


  • “A Primer on European Union Legal Research,” by Julie Horst, 8/28/2008.
  • It’s Del.icio.us: But Is It Good for You? by Nicolette Lodico, 7/31/2008.
  • “Go Back! Wayback! Searching the Internet Archive,” by Claudia Cook, 6/26/2008.
  • “National Security Letters and the Library,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 5/29/2008.
  • “Copyright for the Law Librarian,” by Lori A. Ruth, 4/28/2008.
  • “Legislative History Notes: Correspondence Found in Legislative Bill Files,” by Carolina Rose, 3/28/2008.
  • “Network News: The Challenge of ‘Current Awareness’ in Today’s Law Library,” by Michael Saint-Onge, 2/28/2008.
  • “Caveat Citator (Or Why Shepardizing Your Cases Isn’t Always Enough), by J. Paul Lomio, 1/31/2008.


  • “Creating a Law Library in a Virtual World,” by Kate Fitz, 12/27/07.
  • “Taking the Mystery out of Collective Bargaining: Resources for Staying Informed,” by Ramona Martinez, 12/3/07.
  • The Law Firm Information Center and Practice Technology Support,” by Hilary Burg, 10/25/2007.
  • “Keeping Current with Federal Tax Research, a Guide to Free Resources,” by Chuck Marcus, 9/27/2007.
  • “‘I Need a Form off the ‘Net’ Meeting Patrons’ Expectations for Finding and Creating Court Forms Online,” by Mareth Wilson, 8/30/07.
  • “Digging Into Dockets: Finding Hidden Gems in California Superior Court Dockets and Documents,” by Sara Paul Raffel, 7/27/07.
  • “Finding Congressional Research Reports,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 5/25/07.
  • “What a Decade has Done: The Changing World of Computer Assisted Legal Research,” by Susanne Pierce Dyer, 4/26/07.
  • “Researching Expert Witnesses: Be Not Afraid,” by Holly Riccio, 4/2/07.
  • “Sunshine Week Highlights Access to Government Information – and You Can Participate,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 2/22/07.
  • “Harnessing the Power of the Internet: Three Simple Tips to Becoming a Better Internet Searcher,” by Meredith W. Casteel, 1/25/07.


  • “From Attorney to Law Librarian – One Road Map to a Changed Career,” by Amy Wright, 12/21/06.
  • “The Search for United Nation Documents,” by Julie Horst, 11/30/06.
  • “A Proposed Budget Cut Has EPA Libraries Closing or Cutting Back – Before the Bill Has Passed,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 10/24/06.
  • “From the Hallways to the Highrise: The Library’s Role in Orienting New Associates,” by Camille D. Reynolds and Jocelyn D. Stilwell, 9/21/06/
  • “Sources of California Water Law,” by Mary Ann Parker, 8/17/06.
  • “Finding Private Company Information,” by Sara Fox Dudley 7/21/06.
  • “A Nickel Isn’t Worth a Dime Today’: Soaring Legal Publishing Costs Strain Law Library Budgets,” by Michael Ginsborg, 6/23/06.


  • “Access to Information – 109th Congress Acts to Amend FOIA,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 7/25/05.
  • “Researching International Law,” by Julie Horst, 6/16/05.
  • “The Challenge of Virtual Reference,” by Jenny Kanji and Michael Saint-Onge 5/24/05.
  • “Researching Labor and Employment Law,” by Yaroslava Odvarko, 4/22/05.
  • “Research Tips: California Chaptered Laws Online, 1850 – Current,” by Carolina Rose and Lisa Hampton, 3/17/05.
  • “NOCALL Spring Institute 2005 – The Future of Legal Research: Legal Resources and Access,” by Pam Rino 2/17/05.
  • Part 1: “Down the Rabbit-Hole? Appellate Briefs in California State Courts and Legal Research Adventures,” and Part 2: “An Attorney’s Guide to Law Library Sources of State Court Briefs,” by Michael Ginsborg 1/20/05.


  • “Law Library Audits,” by Bernadette M. St. John, 12/16/04.
  • “Why I’m Thankful to Be a Law Librarian,” by Colleen F. Cable, 11/18/04.
  • “USA Patriot Act – The Congressional Revolt,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 10/14/04.
  • “More Reasons Your Firm Needs a Law Librarian,” by Jaye Lapachet, Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass. 9/17/04.
  • “Hastings Online Catalog,” by Julie Horst, 6/17/04.
  • “California Legislative History Research at Hastings Law Library,” by Susan Nevelow Mart, 5/20/04.
  • “MCLE Requirements: A Primer for Law Librarians,” by Sara Fox Dudley 4/15/04.
  • “Help I Need Somebody; Help, Not Just Anybody; Help! Public Libraries Partner With Their Patrons,” by Marcia Bell 3/18/04.
  • “Navigating the Seven C’s With NOCALL,” by Tina Dumas, 2/19/04.
  • “A Valentine to Law Firm Librarians, or “Ten Things Librarians Wish Lawyers Would Do,” by Cynthia Papermaster, 1/15/04.


  • “Your Plain English Guide to the New Plain English Jury Instructions,” by Sara Fox Dudley 12/18/03.
  • “Law Library News,” by Bob Podlech 11/20/03.
  • “County Law Libraries – Change on the Horizon,” Sharon Borbon, 10/16/03.
  • “County Law Libraries – Ensuring Everyone’s Access to Justice,” by Sharon Borbon, 9/18/03.
  • “How Law Librarians Add Value to Private Firms and Public Agencies – An Update From the American Association of Law Libraries,” by Sara Fox Dudley, 8/21/03.
  • “Collection Rebalancing: The Art of Matching Resource Formats to the Needs of the Firm,” by Michael Saint-Onge, 7/17/03.
  • Building a Public Law Library Support System,” by Sandra Marz, 6/19/03.
  • “24/7 Reference Update: Legal Reference Services to the Public,” by Shirley H. David 5/15/03.
  • “ASIST Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA November 17-21, 2002,” by Donna Williams 3/20/03.
  • “Locating Resources on Drug Courts,” by Robert Grant 2/20/03.
  • “NOCALL Update,” by Robert Grant 1/23/03.
  • “Don’t Delete This Article!!!: Dealing With Net Virus and E-Mail Hoaxes,” by Paula Lichtenberg 10/17/02.
  • “Catching the 24/7 Reference Wave,” by Shirley David 6/20/02.
  • “Hein-On-Line: An Image-Based Collection of Legal Periodicals,” by Paula Lichtenberg 5/23/02.
  • “San Francisco Public Library’s Government Information Center, ” by Carol Coon 3/28/02.
  • “Consolidation in the Legal Publishing Industry Means Rising Costs for Attorneys,” by Michael Ginsborg 2/21/02.
  • “Westlaw, Lexis/Nexis and Beyond,” by Maryanne Gerber 1/17/02.
  • “Doing It the Old-Fashioned Way: With Books,” by Susan Campbell 11/15/01.
  • “Promoting the San Francisco Law Library,” by Colin Cofini Hutton 8/16/01.
  • “California Dockets Online and Electronic Filing,” by Camille D. Reynolds 7/19/01.
  • “Law Librarians Face The Energy Crisis,” by Paula Lichtenberg  6/21/01.
  • The Marketing Department and the Law Library: Perfect Partners,” by Michael Saint-Onge 5/17/01.
  • “What You Can Do in the Library on Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” by Paula Lichtenberg  4/19/01.
  • “California Legal Research Primer,” by Vincent Moyer  2/22/01, p. 18.
  • “From Classroom to Real World: A New Law Librarian,” by Anne Dana 1/18/01, p. 18.
  • “San Francisco Law Library at a Crossroads,” by Marcia Bell 12/21/00.
  • “The Solo Law Librarian” by Paula Lichtenberg  11/16/00.
  • “Library of California: One Library – 8,000 Doors,” by Sue Welsh 10/19/00.
  • “Legal Research: Northern California Law Library Resources,” by Vincent Moyer and Ruxanna Meer 9/21/00.
  • “AALL Meets in Philadelphia,” by Faye Jones 8/17/00.
  • “The California State (Law) Library at 150,” by Mark Linneman 5/18/00, p. 18; 6/15/00, p. 18; 7/20/00 (article ran in three parts).
  • “Attend Programs to Stay on Top” by Jo Caporaso 4/20/00.
  • “Legal Research: Resources Available at Law School Library Internet Sites” by Vincent Moyer 3/16/00.
  • “Memorial: John Morgan Moore, Jr.,” and “California State Library 150th Anniversary” 2/17/00.
  • “Dueling Database Bills: The Saga Continues.” by Samuel Trosow 10/20/99.
  • “NOCALL Grants/NOCALL Consulting Committee” 5/20/99.
  • “Collection Rebalancing: The Art of Matching Resource Formats to the Needs of the Firm,” by Michael Saint-Onge  4/15/99.
  • “Celebrate National Library Week!” by Donna Williams 3/18/99.
  • “Delivery of Services to Diverse Patrons: The Bernard E. Witkin Alameda County Law Library Experience,” by Cossette Sun 2/18/99.
  • “California Code of Regulations,” by Mary Ann Parker 1/21/99.
  • “Future Waves: Riding the Crest,” 12/17/98.
  • “Evaluating Internet Content: The Good, the Biased & the Inaccurate,” by Jenny Wu 11/19/98.
  • “Apples or Oranges? Ford or GM? LEXIS or Westlaw? Negotiating With Your Legal Online Service Provider,” by Alan T. Schroeder, Jr. 10/15/98.
  • “What a Law Librarian Can Do for You,” by Michael Saint-Onge. 9/17/98.