BASF Bulletin

Members have contributed articles to the Bar Association of San Francisco monthly Bulletin.

  • County Law Libraries Serve Attorneys, by Susanne Dyer, January 2009.
  • The Law of Global Warming: Background and Basic Documents, by Chuck Marcus, October 2008.
  • Green Energy: Resources for Legal and Industry News, by Tibisay Boggio-Turner, September 2008.
  • Want to Copy From the Internet?  It’s Not as Easy as You Think, by Maria Protti, July 2008.
  • Web 2.0 Tools for Legal Research, by Amy Wright, August 2008.
  • Mining Bankruptcy Dockets: Part II, by Leslie Ann Forrester, June 2008.
  • Mining Bankruptcy Dockets: Part I, by Leslie Ann Forrester, May 2008.
  • Law Practice Management: The BASF Collection at the San Francisco Law Library, by Ruth Geos, March 2008.
  • Keeping Current With Banking Law & News, by Susan Nevelow Mart, February 2008.