Board and Business Meetings

  • Handles on-site registration at business meetings, including accepting payment from attendees who do not pay online, providing name badges, and ensuring meal choices are indicated.
  • Prints agendas and other handouts for board and business meetings.
  • Prepares minutes as soon as possible after each board and business meeting.
  • Ensures that minutes are approved, and arranges to have final minutes posted on the NOCALL website and published in the Newsletter
  • Indexes significant board resolutions and decisions



  • Responsible for all aspects of NOCALL Executive Board elections, including:
    • Announcing the slate of candidates, via listserv and Newsletter
    • Ensuring that candidate biographies are posted on the NOCALL website and published in the Newsletter
    • Creating on online ballot for voting, and ensuring that all eligible voters receive their ballot
    • Notifying candidates and the Executive Board of election results

Committee Annual Reports

  • Collects annual reports from committee chairs at the end of each fiscal year, and forwards to the Audit/Budget chair for budgeting purposes
  • Posts annual reports on the NOCALL Wiki

Board Liaison to Assigned Committee Chairs

  • Serves as liaison to several committees. This entails contacting chairs prior to all board meetings to cover questions and concerns they may have, and reporting to the Board about the committee’s activities.

NOCALL Letterhead

  • Maintains a supply of NOCALL stationery used by the President, Board members, and Chairs, if necessary, for NOCALL related purposes.