2021 – 2022 Committee Members
Robyn M. Moltzen, Chair

The mission of the NOCALL Placement Committee is to join prospective employers with job seekers of law librarian positions. Additionally, our mission is to promote law librarianship in the community at every opportunity.

In the interest of expediency and efficiency, most of the Placement Committee procedures are now electronic.  If a job seeker or employer does not have access to e-mail, alternative options are available.

Procedures for job seekers:

  1. Become a NOCALL member and subscribe to the NOCALL listserv.  Check out  for more information on how to subscribe to the listserv.
  2. Alternatively, if you are not a member of NOCALL, but do have access to the Internet, check the job listings on our web page: .  The positions are put up on the web page usually within 48-72 hours of the POSITION AVAILABLE listserv announcement.

Procedures for prospective employers:

  1. Send your position announcement via email to the Placement Committee, at
  2. Please provide the job posting as a WORD document attachment or as text directly in the body of the email. Be sure to include information on “How to Apply” and provide an applicable link.
  3.  The Committee will then post it on the NOCALL listserv and on the NOCALL website Jobs page.
  4. To also have your position posted on the SANDALL listserv, please indicate so, and we can send it out on the listserv directly.
  5. Please feel free to contact the Placement Committee if you have any questions. Robyn Moltzen
  6. There is no charge for any of our placement services.  We simply ask that you inform us when the position is filled.

Procedures for the Committee:

  1. Currently, the Placement Committee consists of one person. The Chair posts positions on the website and on the San Jose State Jobs website and also sends out the position on the NOCALL listserv.
  2. The Placement Committee has a uniform format for the position announcements on the listserv, e.g. POSITION AVAILABLE on the subject line followed by the city. This will make it easy to search the NOCALL archives for previous announcements.
  3. Encourage employers to let you know when they fill a position. This is necessary to maintain currency of the website. If we do not hear back from employers that the position has been filled, current practice is to maintain 3 complete months plus the current month of positions. As the new month begins the Chair will remove older positions in order to maintain 3 complete months plus the current month of positions listed.