The Chair is appointed by the President for a term of one year.  The Chair may appoint additional members as needed.  The Chair should be a former officer or prior member of the nominating committee.

1.  Charge.

  • To develop a slate of worthy candidates for election to the various offices of NOCALL.  The committee shall present a slate that, if needed, would maintain a balance on the Executive Board of members by library type to the extent possible.  The committee shall solicit names of possible nominees from the membership and propose possible nominees itself.  The committee shall select from those names viable candidates to provide leadership to NOCALL.

2.  Duties.

  • Obtain a list of current active members from the Membership chair.
  • Solicit the membership, chairs, and Board for the names of interested members for open Executive Board positions.
  • Review and consider the individuals suggested for candidacy and submit a list of nominees to the Board and membership.
  • The committee is responsible for finding preferably two candidates for each office.
  • The committee must contact all individuals nominated providing them with the duties and responsibilities of the nominated office as compiled and revised by prior office holders.
  • Since the office of President is critical, the following desirable qualifications for Vice-President/President-Elect should be sought:  The candidate should possess inherent leadership characteristics and should be situated economically and personally to devote considerable time during the term of office to the business of NOCALL.  (The latter implies favorable employment conditions for handling the responsibilities and correspondence of the office.)  Other qualifications for candidacy include active committee participation, prior committee chair-ships, or Executive Board experience and NOCALL meeting attendance.
  • The committee will submit a slate of candidates to the Board by December 15.  The Board will notify the membership of the slate by January 20.
  • Additional candidates may be added by petition in accordance with guidelines set forth in the Bylaws (Article IV, Sec. 3).

The committee is responsible for supplying a biography of each candidate to the newsletter editor and the Secretary for inclusion in the Jan./Feb. newsletter.