2020 – 2021 Committee Members
Cathy Hardy, Co-Chair
Sherry Takacs, Co-Chair

NOCALL Member Grant Application

The chair is appointed by the President for a term of one year.  The Chair may appoint additional members as needed.

1.   Mission

  • To administer all NOCALL grants given out during the year.

2.   Criteria

  • Candidates must be members of NOCALL. There is no limit to the number of grants a member can receive in their lifetime.
  • Applications from first-time grant recipients will have priority. An application for a second grant award may be made when two(2) years have passed since the award of the original or previous grant
  • Special circumstances, as determined by the committee, may nullify the two(2) year waiting period
  • Members of the grants committee will recuse themselves from application evaluation as necessary.
  • Members may receive grants to events whose topic is of importance to the law library field and professional development.
  • The grants will be awarded on the basis of:

    • Proven ability and/or expertise in the topic field.
    • Financial need.
    • Promise of future usefulness and permanence in the law library profession.
    • Willingness to share material
  • Applicants may optionally request to be considered for grant monies specifically set aside for Persons of Color and County Law Library employees.
  • The Grants Committee will endeavor to award 50% of grants to Persons of Color.
  • All decisions of the Grant Committee are final.
  • Grant recipients agree to serve on the Grant Committee for one (1) year following their award.

3.   Duties

  • Manages distribution of NOCALL grants to NOCALL members for events meeting the pre-established criteria.
  • Establishes the number and dollar amount of the grants.
  • Sends a copy of the grant application form to NOCALL members by arranging for the form’s inclusion as a link in the listserv announcement of the grant opportunity, and in the NOCALL newsletter.
  • Reviews and evaluates the submitted applications according to pre-established criteria.
  • Selects the candidate(s), notifies the successful candidate(s) and announces the recipient(s) of the grants. The recipients are notified and a message is sent to all applicants thanking them for their participation and encouraging them to apply again.
  • Successful candidates are announced at the next meeting and newsletter.
  • Sends list of successful candidates along with award amount to Treasurer, using the Treasurer’s reimbursement form.
  • All grants monies that are not used revert to the Board for disposition.
  • Maintains a private file of application forms, completed applications, list of recipients, resolutions and letters.
  • All discussions of the Grants Committee will remain confidential.

4.   Calendar

  • At the May Business Meeting, the Grants Committee will report for the minutes:  1) the number of grant applications and 2) number of grants awarded
  • Send email announcements and link to the application form monthly from September to May, including any review deadlines or dates.