Awards Committee & the Nominations Process

    I. Selection and Qualifications

The Award Selection Committee consists of three members, with the current past President serving as Chair. The Chair appoints two other committee members. It is recommended, but not required, that one of these be a previous recipient of the NOCALL Professional Achievement Award. It is also recommended that retired members or long-standing members who have had an active involvement with NOCALL be considered as committee members. Current members of the Executive Board (other than the Past President) are not eligible to serve on the Award Selection Committee.

    II. History and Purpose of Award

The purpose of the Award is to recognize a member for notable and enduring contributions to the Chapter and the profession. The Award represents a cumulative evaluation of an individual’s career and emphasizes local activity and leadership of an exemplary nature. The award is named “The NOCALL Award for Professional Achievement.” The NOCALL Executive Board created the Award by Resolution 98-2 at the April 7, 1998 Board Meeting. The first award recipient was selected by the Executive Board and presented at the May 1998 Annual Meeting. Linda Weir was asked to draft procedures for the award review process for subsequent years. The procedures were to be patterned on the procedures used by the Awards Selection Committee of our sister organization, The San Francisco Bay Region Chapter of The Special Libraries Organization. Linda Vida-Sunnen, Past Chair of the SLA Award Selection Committee, provided Linda Weir with a copy of those procedures and permission to use the text as a master for the NOCALL procedures.

    III. Procedures

The Award Review Process takes place annually. However, there is no requirement that the award be given every year. An announcement alerting the membership to the nomination process and a nomination form should be placed in the November/December and the January/February issues of the NOCALL News as well as posted to the NOCALL Listserv. Public announcements should be made at the September and January business meetings to encourage nominations and to remind members of the nomination deadline. Final deadline for receipt of all nominations is March 15. All nominations must be accompanied by a brief justification that should include pertinent biographical data about the nominee. Nominations may be submitted by any Chapter member, and self-nominations will be accepted. To be eligible for the Award, a nominee must be a current Chapter member, active or retired, in good standing. Current Executive Board members and Award Selection Committee members are ineligible for nomination. Nominations do not carry over from one year to the next. After completion of the selection process each year, all nomination documentation is to be destroyed.

    IV. Selection Criteria

The Award honors a Chapter member who achieves distinction in areas of professional concern and activity. Particular attention should be given to local involvement and Chapter contributions. The following broad criteria should be considered in the selection process. Nominees may excel in one or more areas.

  • Outstanding leadership in the Chapter, at meetings, and in committee work.
  • Special and notable service to the chapter, such as participation in special projects.
  • Participation in seminars, teaching courses, and public speaking activities.
  • Publication and editorial contributions to professional literature.
  • Innovations at the worksite.
  • Mentoring activities which encourage others in the profession.
  • Extracurricular activities which provide the profession and/or Chapter with commendable publicity and acclaim.
  • Other achievements indicating noteworthy dedication to the profession of law librarianship/information science.

ARTICLE I.  Selection Schedule

The selection of the Committee will be transmitted to the Executive Board for approval by April 1. The Past President will telephone the recipient immediately after Executive Board approval has been given.

ARTICLE II.  Award and Presentation

The form of the award is an engraved plaque and a specially chosen gift. The Chapter President will present the Award at the last Chapter meeting of the year. The recipient, having been notified beforehand, will be invited to this meeting as guest of honor. The Committee Chair will write the speech for the President’s presentation.

ARTICLE III. Special Instructions

The work of this Committee and all nomination forms are highly confidential. The Committee submits an annual report at the request of the President.

Additional Duties:
NOCALL Annual Meeting Awards: The Chair (Past President) of the awards committee orders the plaques/awards presented at the annual meeting each May. The Chair is also responsible for selecting the outgoing President’s gift, presenting the plaque and gift, and coordinating the awards and presenters at the annual meeting.